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/So, just before celebrating New Year, I checked up on my blog stats for the last year, and what posts had been most popular. This could be for any reason, but there are some interesting things to observe. Not my blog’s best year, but certainly a lot has happened during the last few months.

Number 10: The Rules of Hospitality, namely those governing the taking of communion by those not a formal member at the church, seems to have been quite popular, though I’m not sure whether its not just housewives desperate for tips.

Number 9: Delirious: Topping the charts at number 4 – where there’s a will and a way, there’s a Christian with a will to do it as well. The campaign set out to achieve its ultimate objective, which was to get the campaign talked about. The song was pretty good, and fitted the general feel of the campaign. Not something to get hung up about but definitely worth a small effort.

Number 8: Starbucks vs Church – There was a YouTube clip doing the rounds entitled “What if Starbucks was like Church?”, and its pretty hilarious, especially with people being incredibly nervous about going to get a cup of coffee. But it also showed a pretty bad comparison for what the church should aim to be like.

Number 7: Gender Irrelevance – In a year where I took almost as much flak for my staunchly feminist views as my railing against rising social injustice, this wasn’t the most controversial post on the topic. If anything, this was the post I wrote to say “you know what? Gender doesn’t matter that much”.

Number 6: How others see me – Inspired by a Tumblr post someone wrote about me, this was one of the weirder posts to write.

Number 5: Environmentalism is destroying the planet – Non-sequitur titles are a favourite of mine (I hate titling posts, by the way) and interestingly, its a theme I’ve mentally returned to lately, frustrated by the way certain people are determined to see Environmentalism as somehow separated from and uninterested in international human well-being.

Number 4.5: On Sports and National Identity – I didn’t write this this year, but its crept in pretty high on the list for most read this year. With the coming of the Olympic Games to Britain, this debate is only going to be more and more necessary.

Number 4: The Importance of Solidarity – Another blog post that should be quite popular next year as well. If we don’t manage to engage in huge acts of Solidarity this year, we’ll be faced with even grimmer prospects at the start of 2012.

Number 3: General Election 2010: Declaration of Support – I said it, I stood by it. I’d still be campaigning against the cuts if it were a Labour administration, but I know for sure that the ideological impulse to destroy the social fabric piece by piece simply wouldn’t be there in the same way.

Number 2: Draft Statement on Millbank Occupation – In the aftermath of what happened on the first day of what may yet be thought of as the 2010 Student Uprising, I helped write a statement for the Radical Christian network/community and this was its first outing.

Number 1: The Failure of Fairtrade – It seems sad to have one of my most downbeat and defeatist blog posts as the most read of the year. Fairtrade no longer means anything of real substance, having been watered down and turned into a corporate social responsibility tool par excellence.

Embarrassingly, that’s not the top of the table. Two more posts, both written over a year ago, managed to creep to the top above anything I wrote this year…

Number 0.5: Fair Trade vs. Rainforest Alliance – a perennial favourite it seems, mostly because no one else has written on this subject in any great detail, which is such a shame, as I’ve barely done the subject justice.

Number 0.1: Anna: Why I’m making a big deal about Facebook Rape – It always feels so damn wrong having this post on this blog, ratcheting up the views. I post links to it whenever I see the awful term used, knowing its my stats that get the boost, when its not at all my work. Its also the only post on the blog to have been viewed more than 1000 times.

This year there were 12,205 page views of my blog, so 1000 a month I’d say – which is more or less what I aim for on a ‘good month’ (1500+ = ‘great month’). Anyhow, here’s to an even better year of blogging, and some inspiration to get writing more consistently.


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