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Welcome to Planet Blackberry

So I guess this proves I’m a sucker for the most cliché politician type of phone, the Blackberry. My initial thoughts have been pretty positive and its certainly a different league from my old handset.


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Joy, Despair and Utter Confusion

This is mostly an apology for not writing more recently. Its been hard to get words on to my computer, even for simple things like Facebook event profiles and email newsletters, often despite the guist of the text already existing. Part of the problem has been the immense number of distractions from around the world, and the weird twisting roller-coaster that this year is already providing.


Monday, 21st February 2011 at 13:47 UTC 2 comments

Activists are interesting humans too!

To understand why I’m writing this now, you could go read something by Laurie Penny and then something written in opposition to Penny’s writing, but as the combined total is clear of 5000 words, lets just say this: some activists really don’t like Human Interest stories. Which is a shame, because activists usually make good human interest stories, and these stories tend to relate activism to the public much much better than political rambles.


Tuesday, 8th February 2011 at 13:33 UTC 1 comment

Thoughts on Demo2011, London

Three days ago I ran a coach to a demonstration against attacks on Education in Britain. Turnout was perhaps surprisingly good, with around 10,000 on the streets, including Trade Unionists and parents groups. We marched to Millbank, the Tory HQ, and from there to the Egyptian Embassy to show solidarity with those fighting against the same corruption in another part of the world.


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