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Why the CPP investigation matters for York

Early this week, local newspaper The York Press reported that CPP, a major private sector employer in the city, was under a full investigation by the Financial Services Authority that could ultimately result in the firm, which employs 1000 people locally being disbanded. Although some form of outline deal has been made, its a situation that is far from over, and which has huge ramifications beyond its current staff.



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Church Freedom of Conscience

A line in my last blog post, “On the Immovability of Marriage”, got an interesting response based on one line that I wrote that I’m "in support of individual churches, clergy and congregations following their consciences with” offering or denying Gay couples marriage. “ Given that you bring the example up, are you also in favour of them being able to follow their consciences in impose a ban on inter-racial marriage?” Merrick wrote. Here’s my response, which is far too long for a comment.


Thursday, 23rd February 2012 at 0:56 UTC 9 comments

On the Immovability of Marriage

Media agent provocateur George Carey, a man who is so maligning his former office I don’t even want to name it, has struck out once again. This time, he’s trying to claim that the definition of Marriage is so set in stone, no one can possibly alter them. But alter them we have, and today’s ‘institution’ and ‘sacrament’ look and feel very different.


Monday, 20th February 2012 at 15:24 UTC 2 comments

What on Earth to do?

I like to think of myself as someone who will rush to stop bad things happening when I see or hear them. I will challenge people for making remarks that are at least overtly homophobic or sexist, for instance. I tend to think of myself as the sort of person to check if people are ok if they’re in the middle of a street and don’t look it. Just occasionally I’ll even cross a road in the process. But a few recent events have been worrying me. [Trigger warning: Domestic Violence]


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