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Some thoughts on General Synod

I’ve finally hammered out my over-riding thoughts on Tuesday’s twist to the on-going saga of General Synod and its interminable debate on women bishops. My conclusion is that there’s plenty that ordinary lay people can do to keep things moving forwards.



Friday, 23rd November 2012 at 1:17 GMT+0000 2 comments

Citizens, Subjects or just Ordinary Folk?

In all forms of campaigning, there is a need to explain a common identity that motivates people to action. Whilst some campaigns automatically have an identity to appeal to (Black, Queer, etc.) and some groups make specific appeals (faith groups, for instance), the way we define generic collective humanity is important. (more…)

Tuesday, 13th November 2012 at 1:27 GMT+0000 3 comments

Eric Pickles and Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law

You’re hopefully aware by now that the government is slashing back the money provided to local councils to cover council tax benefit., The Tories are returning to the familiar ground of forcing everyone to pay regardless of ability as a way to drive up the fear of poverty. But for councils, this could be a massive problem: if everyone must pay something, what happens when many genuinely can’t? (more…)

Monday, 5th November 2012 at 11:01 GMT+0000 2 comments

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