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Keith Hebden’s Seeking Justice (book review)

“You write a blog, don’t you?” It was an odd response to my suggestion that I needed to get cash out of a cashpoint before I could buy Keith’s new book. The deal: I could have a copy free in return for a review. I skipped a queue of books and got on with reading it straight away. I’m glad I did; of the various books on radical Christianity I’ve picked up in recent years, few have turned out to be both as radical and as reasonable as Seeking Justice.



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Obama, North Korea and Social Media

Notice how we’re suddenly talking about North Korea, just a short while after a change in leadership? Except we’re not – the Americans are doing most of the talking, along with China, who are eagerly trying to mediate the whole thing down. Do you wonder why these threats from North Korea’s Dear Leader need to be taken seriously? Wonder why its all being talked about now?


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