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Mondeo Man, Movements and Russell Brand

On June 21st Russell Brand will perform on stage at the culmination of the People’s Assembly’s "No More Austerity" march. Its raised a few eyebrows, and I’ll be honest, his contribution isn’t what excites me about the demonstration and make me want to fill a coach full of people. But maybe that’s not the point, and getting Mr Brand on stage is about a wider, more important goal…



Friday, 30th May 2014 at 14:03 UTC Leave a comment

UKIP’s threat to peaceful international relations

I’m sure far too much has already been written regarding UKIP and their potential allies’ successes in the European Parliamentary Elections. A lot of it seems to focus on either economics or race relations, but perhaps less on what it means for the countries of Europe as a whole.


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Gerry Adams: Truth and Reconcilliation, not Revenge

The recent arrest of Gerry Adams has been a stark reminder of just how short the time gap is between yesterday’s violence and today’s fragile peace has been for Northern Ireland. In the immediate aftermath, it has the potential to harm public safety, for both British and Irish alike. But its also a sign that a key stage of the Peace Process is now overdue by several years.


Saturday, 3rd May 2014 at 19:23 UTC 3 comments

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