When people ask me what I do, do I say I work for Alzheimers Society, which is hugely fascinating, but also quite a “boring desk job” affair, or that I’m an activist and political organiser with York Stop the Cuts amongst other groups? Or do I say that I’m a radical christian, and that this is the root of everything I do. Sadly its often the first, and then only to make a status judgement – if that’s why you’re asking I refuse to play to your standards.
I’m a graduate of Peace Studies and have an academic interest in participation and activism, as well as a lot of personal involvement. But my faith permeates it all, or would if I put a little more effort into being a disciple as well as being a builder of the kingdom.
Much of my writing reflects this: As a Christian, I’m tired of seeing the church sit by quietly praying about the world’s problems without seeking to be an effective force for change, let alone a force to stop the injustice. The same goes for wider society. Even within protest movements I see problems, so I write about them.
This blog is not meant to be a reflective diary, though occasionally it gets used as that. I hope it keeps a fairly raw edge, and ask you to forgive me if I type faster than I can think or my point comes across completely wrong – its survived some pretty calamitous errors of grammar and judgement so far.
My comments policy is pretty simple: comments by new unregistered readers get moderated (WordPress recognises you pretty soon, worry not!), anything which either attacks myself or counts as a hate crime gets deleted, and I accept pretty much anything else. Don’t automatically expect a personal response, but I’ll do my best.


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  • 1. Meg Fullam  |  Wednesday, 29th August 2007 at 16:51 UTC

    Hey! I stumbled across this site searching for youth ministry info.
    I teach literacy at a local college and am youth director for an Episcopal Church. I was raised and confirmed Lutheran. I come from a long line of Lutherans as my father was born and raised in Sweden. I am attending the Episcopal Church as there are no Lutheran Churches in my town. I really am comfortable there and find it a lot like the Lutheran Church. However, I do not want to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church , as being Lutheran is such a part of my heritage.

    I too am into peace issues and the environment, as well as child welfare, politics, and of course literacy and education.
    I haven’t found anything like this from an Episcopal site so I wanted to tell you all that I think this is great. I welcome any advice anyone can give me about being a youth director. I have been doing it for two years and sometimes find it to be a challenge, esp in a small church. Good to meet you! Have a great week! I live in South Georgia, went to The University of Alabama and went to high school in Tennessee. So, I know the south fairly well!


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