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E-Campaigning Forum Take-aways

I had the chance to attend the E-Campaigners Forum in Oxford last week. I spent two days in workshops learning all sorts of exciting things about the world of online campaigning today. There were loads of things that looked really exciting and which I hope I’ll get to use someday, but I’ve written this with a focus on low-cash situations.



Monday, 18th March 2013 at 16:54 UTC Leave a comment

The Hero and the Media Whore

Its perhaps natural that the names “Bradley Manning” and “Julian Assange” are often written together on banners and in agit-prop. They are, after all, both names associated with Wikileaks, and are both wanted in America for punishment over the release of cables relating to America’s conduct of war. But that’s probably where the similarities stop. (more…)

Thursday, 8th December 2011 at 16:00 UTC 1 comment

Welcome to Planet Blackberry

So I guess this proves I’m a sucker for the most cliché politician type of phone, the Blackberry. My initial thoughts have been pretty positive and its certainly a different league from my old handset.

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The Art of Advertising

Advertisements penetrate every corner of our modern lives. As my body clock settles back from Canadian to UK time, I’m recovering from the ad-fest that being host country to the Olympic Games always inspires. But is advertising an art form? Can an advert actually be worth watching just to see the advert? And if so, what does this say about the arts as we now experience them?


Saturday, 27th February 2010 at 0:43 UTC Leave a comment

Personal Web Development

This might be exciting announcement, I don’t know. It is for me. Anyhow, I’m very strongly considering (as in, trying not to rush into creating it this minute) setting up a website for myself. “But what about the blog?” Well, it has its purpose, carrying writing that is mostly timely opinion. So what will go on it, and what will it look like and how will it differ from the blog?


Sunday, 3rd January 2010 at 14:14 UTC 3 comments

Freedom of Expression

Some of you know this, but I lost my laptop charger at Greenbelt 2 weeks ago. Its been winding me up ever since, and its partly why a few days got missed in the usual blogging cycle. And its driving me potty. Its also reminding me just how important the gift of expression is, and how thankful I should be for it. From the political right to expression, to having the wherewithal to do it, its becoming rather obvious just how much I take it for granted.


Friday, 11th September 2009 at 8:00 UTC 4 comments

Finding faith in Social Media

Several weeks ago a Roman Catholic Archbishop said one of the most regrettable, misguided and short sighted things I’ve heard from a church leader in a very long time. Did it concern the role of women, or gay marriage, or perhaps even abortion? No, none of these. It concerned the internet, social media and new communication technologies. (Warning, this post may contain unwarranted levels of bitterness).


Thursday, 10th September 2009 at 15:26 UTC 5 comments

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