I wanted to provide a list of highlights from my blog’s past, a sort of very selective Archive, from which some posts may actually get a dusting off, to be rewritten into proper “articles” with some kind of longevity. The blog is 4 years old, and there are over 450 posts, which range from the lamentable, through those of only momentary significance, to the timelessly worthwhile. Its a work in progress, hence it only covers early work, and its chronological not thematic.


Coming one day!


When communities fail – The need to maintain outward-facing vision and purpose for any community to thrive.

“That’s Catholic” is no excuse – I wrote this in desperation at the lack of real reasons for rejecting otherwise biblical practices.

Must money define me? – Should we accept purely economic identities like “Worker”, “Owner” or “Consumer”?

Its all in the economics – Climate Change should be seen as an economic issue, rather than an environmental done deal.

The Holy Spirit and Activism – If God uses the Holy Spirit to enable us to do great things, then why are charismatic Christianity and social justice often at opposite ends of the church.


Breaking Democracy – How recent governments have employed a strategy of making democracy irrelevant.

The Olympic Nightmare – Words of caution against the London 2012 Olympic Bid from a speech I gave in a Union Council debate.

Fair Trade and the African Dream – The role of Fairtrade in maintaining families and communities in the Global South, and protecting communities from the seductive lure of the “American Dream” – unattainable happiness through wealth.

This City will be in a state of Worship Carnival – Taking a faux-situationist poster I found in York, I attempt to explain my mental image of “church worship” in heaven. More a creative writing piece than anything else.

Five Dimensional Activism – Separating out the political, economic, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of present in different forms of activism, and challenging the temptation to focus on a purely “Political” model for activism.

Finding and Creating Space for Ourselves – An examination of the importance of the physical area where we undertake protest, direct action and the creating of real alternatives.

Purity, Integrity and Determination – A look at the three traits of good activists highlighted to me during the Climate Camp at Heathrow Airport.

Five reasons Real Ale is political – A challenge to those who see the consumer choices they make as personal and not political – and a bit of indulgent back rubbing for real ale drinkers everywhere.

Civil Disobedience vs Direct Action – An attempt to draw out the differences and relative strengths of terms often used interchangeably. One of the most viewed posts I have ever written.

Widening Cathedral Usage – A look at possible ways employ these huge, costly and potentially very useful resources in the future.

I blame the Union – Why the failure of Unions to connect with wider society is hampering the status of workers in Britain.

Idolising History – One of the most aggravating tendencies of activists is to continuously draw on past examples of actions, often mis-telling the story.

A Strange Reminder – What happened when I forgot the importance of Christmas and then a little old Polish lady walked into church.


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